fitbox Business Academy Partners​

The fitbox Business Academy is delivered in partnership with the Queensland Government’s Department of Tourism, Innovation and Sport as part of the new ActiveKIT funding program supporting the Active Industry and its businesses in Queensland. DTIS recognises the important and essential role that the Active Industry plays in delivering quality physical activity opportunities across Queensland. For more information on the program visit


Since the inception of Again Faster Australia in 2012, the brand has quickly become a leader in the Australian fitness equipment market. As an Australian owned and operated business, Again Faster has been working alongside thousands of fitness businesses over the last decade. 

Again Faster prides itself on unsurpassed levels of customer service, and has recently launched a new customer loyalty program, Amplify, which focuses on bringing value to business clients, and in turn help them grow their gyms. 

The FILEX Fitness Convention has been key to the Australian fitness industry for 30 years – FILEX  now has evolved into a year-round provider of professional development education events, both face-to-face and virtual, powered by Fitness Australia.

FILEX’s support includes the provision of a
complimentary 12-month FILEX Premium Membership to Academy participants, providing access to an extensive digital resource library of educational content and monthly masterclasses, beyond the duration of the Academy, designed to continue upskilling and development.

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